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To live in the Eternal Atman,
To taste the bliss of the Soul.
To worship the Lord at all times,
Is real Life.

To do Japa of Lord’s Name,
To sing His glory constantly,
To remember Him at all times,
Is real Life.

To practise Yama, Niyama,
To serve the poor and the sick,
To hear the Srutis,
Is real Life.

To reflect and meditate,
To serve the Guru,
To follow his instructions,
Is real Life.

To realise one’s own Self,
To behold the one Self everywhere,
To attain Brahma-Jnana,
Is real Life.

To live to serve humanity,
To practise self-restraint,
To control the mind and the senses,
Is real Life.

To practise Pranayama,
To do Brahma-Vichara,
To stick to resolves,
Is real Life.

To live in Om,
To chant Om,
To meditate on Om,
Is real Life.

To ignore the names and forms,
To take the essence hidden in them,
To drink the nectar of Immortality,
Is real Life.

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