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If today many of us are not aware about the dangerous game going on against our nation then it’s not our fault because we are the victims of false text-books, disoriented cinema, paid journalism and appeasing politics of a particular party. The game we are talking about here is to make India an half Islamic country if not full and the main force behind this dangerous game are gulf countries with the help of Pak who are paying lots of lots of money to buy media and politicians. After the partition between India and Pak where the population and power of non muslims never increased in Pakistan the population and power of muslims in India increased rapidly. The result of this gandhigiri is today where pak remains purely an Islamic state India is on the verge of becoming half Islamic country. Kashmir is not in our hand despite the fact that we have defeated pak three times, thanks to the appeasing politics of our so called leaders. Assam and kerla are pack with illegally migrated bengladeshi muslims, again thanks to the vote bank politics. And in all other states of India muslim population growth rate is much much higher than that of non muslims of India.
Now here are some important points-

1. Cinema which has the power to change the society is totally under control of don dawood ibrahim sitting in Lahore, Pakistan. You can hardly find any cheap or vulgar romantic poetry in Sanskrit based Hindi but there are lots of such things in Urdu based Hindi. No wonder why most of our Indian films are full of vulgarity.
2. Why there are so many muslim male actors in Bollywood but very few muslim female actors? And while all these muslim male actors are very much interested in getting married with a non muslim girl they rarely allow a muslim girl to get married with a non muslim boy. Why? This all becomes very suspicious when we know there is a strong connection between bollywood and Pakistani mafia and their only motive is to spread their religion.
3. We must not forget the fact that muslims refused to accept the order of Honorable Supreme Court of India in famous Shahbano case and announced a prize of 5 lacs rupees to kill Tasleema nasreen. It clearly proves that despite the fact that they live in India they don’t follow Indian laws, they only follow muslim personal laws which give them freedom to have more than one wife and so many children.
4. Swami Vivekananda said that no nation can grow if its women are not equally free like men. Women’s freedom is the key factor behind the success of West and countries like China and Japan. Women’s freedom was also the reason behind the success of India in vedic period (Guptas and Maurya’s period) where even queen used to sit with king in darbaar but after the Islamic invasion in our country everything changed where they kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted millions of Hindu women in to islam.
5. Paan-Supari was a strange thing before the Islamic invasion in our country and the new form of Paan is Gutkhas which are making our country dirty.
6. You can find lots of clean shaved muslim men in modern dresses like jeans, t-shirt but many muslim women are still behind face veil or burqa. Islam clearly says man should also cover his hair and have a veil on his eyes for women. Is Islam only for women???
7. To fight with the terror of Mughals, the Hindus of Punjab decided to become Sikh followed by the advice of their Gurus. It’s very sad that many people still think Sikh and Hindu are two different people.
8. Recently in Kolkata some Islamic fanatic students forced a non muslim lady professor to wear burqa. How can that happen in our country which is not an Islamic country?? How safe, free and comfortable a non muslim woman will feel in a muslim dominated area where women hide their faces behind burqa or veil??

This is the time that our vote hungry politicians must stop this appeasing policy. Law and education system must be same for all and there should be no space for any Madarsa education or any personal laws of any religion.

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