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Not to study the Gita, Upanishads, daily,
Not to remember God at all times,
Not to serve Sadhus and Gurus,
Is real death.

Not to have equal vision,
Not to have balanced mind,
Not to have Atma-Drishti,
Is real death.

Not to have Brahma-Jnana,
Not to have a large heart,
Not to do charitable acts,
Is real death.

To identify oneself with the body,
To forget one’s divine nature,
To live aimlessly,
Is real death.

To eat, drink and be merry,
To waste the time uselessly,
To lose one’s honour and name,
Is real death.

To gamble and play cards,
To read novels, drink and smoke,
To gossip, cavil and scandalise,
Is real death.

To backbite, revile, carry tales,
To speak ill of others,
To cheat, falsify and dupe,
Is real death.

To earn money unlawfully,
To outrage others’ women,
To injure others,
Is real death.

To lead a sensual life,
To waste vital energy,
To have a lustful look,
Is real death.

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