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“Stand up, be bold, be
strong. Take the whole
responsibility on your
own shoulders, and know
that you are the creator
of your own destiny”

“They alone live who live
for others, the rest are
more dead than alive.”

“Arise! Awake! And stop
not till the goal is

“To be good and to do
good – that is the whole of

“Strength is life,
Weakness is death.”

“All the power is within
you; you can do anything
and everything. Believe in
that; don’t believe that
you are weak. Stand up
and express the divinity
within you.”

“What ever you think,
that you will be. If you
think yourself weak,
weak you will be; if you
think yourself strong;
strong you will be.”

“Stand and die in your
own strength; if there is
any sin in the world, it is
weakness; avoid all
weakness, for weakness is
sin, weakness is death.”

“Neither money pays, nor
name pays, nor fame, nor
learning; it is
cleave through
adamantine walls of

“He is an atheist who does
not believe in himself. The
old religion said that he was
an atheist who does not
believe in God. The new
religion says that he is an
atheist who does not believe
in himself.”

“The greatest sin is to
think yourself weak.”

“Help if you can; if you
cannot, fold your hands
and stand by and see
things go on. Do not
injure, if you cannot
render help.”

Three things are necessary to
make every man great, every
nation great:
1. Conviction of the powers of
2. Absence of jealousy and
3. Helping all who are trying to be
and do good.

“Are you unselfish? That
is the question. If you are,
you will be perfect
without reading a single
religious book, without
going into a single church
or a temple.”

“Misery comes through
attachment, not through work.
As soon as we identify
ourselves with work we do, we
feel miserable; but if we don’t
identify ourselves with it, we do
not feel that misery.”

“Nature wants us to react, to
return blow for blow,
cheating for cheating, lie for
lie, to hit back with all our
might, then it requires a
super divine power not to hit
back, to keep control, to be

“Always first learn to be
a servant, and then you
will be fit to be a master.
Avoid jealousy, and you
will do great works that
are yet to be done.”

“You must have an iron
will if you would cross
the ocean. You must be
strong enough to pierce
the mountains.”

“Take up one idea, make that one
idea your life, think of it, dream of
it, live of it, let the brain, muscle,
nerves, every part of your body be
full of that idea and just leave
every other idea alone. This is the
way great spiritual giants are
produced, others are mere talking

“Your country requires
heroes; be heroes; your
duty is to go on working,
and then everything will
follow of itself.”

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