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Q:—How long will the soul remain in heaven?
A:—It can remain for fifty years or five hundred years. It depends upon the nature and degree of meritorious actions done by the man on earth plane.

Q:—Is the year in heaven the same as in the earth plane?
A:—No. Ten years of the earth plane are equal to ten days for the Devas in the heaven.

Q:—What takes place just before death?
A:—The soul contracts and withdraws all the senses. The physical senses become dimmer just as the flame in a lamp becomes dimmer and dimmer when the oil gets exhausted.

Q:—How does it pass out of the body?
A:—The subtle body or Sukshma Sarira passes out of the physical body like a mist.

Q:—Through which opening does the soul leave the body?
A:—So long as Prana pulls up and Apana pulls down the life-forces, there is continuity of life. But the moment either of these becomes weaker, there is an exit of the life-force. If the Apana gives way then Jiva will pass out of the body through either the head or the nose or the ear or the mouth. If the Prana gives way then it will pass out of the body through the anus.

Q:—Will spiritualism help one to go beyond birth and death?
A:—Certainly not. Knowledge of the Imperishable Soul or Brahma-Jnana alone can destroy the cycle of births and deaths and confer on you immortality and eternal bliss.

Q:—Can a departed soul take birth immediately?
A:—It can. But such instances are rare. If the soul has an intense desire to be reborn, it will take its birth immediately. The soul has to reap its fruits of Karmas in heaven or hell. If it takes rebirth immediately it can remember many of the events of its previous life.

Q:—How long should the soul wait for getting a body?
A:—Nothing definite can be said on this point. Great souls will have to wait for a long time.

Q:—Can the departed spirit take the power of materialisation?
A:—Only advanced spirits who are endowed with psychic power are able to materialise. They take human form, sit in the chair in the séance and shake hands with those who sit in the séance. They talk also. The touch is as tangible and warm as that of a living human body. In a short time the hand of the spirit melts away. Photographs of the spirits also have been taken.

Q:—What is astral body?
A:—Astral body is the subtle body which is within this physical body like the bladder of a football. It is the exact counterpart of the physical body. It is made up of five organs of action, five organs of knowledge, five Pranas, mind, intellect, Chitta or subconscious mind and Ahankara or egoism. Some call it as “double”. It is this astral body that comes out of the physical body after death and moves to heaven. Death of this astral body through the knowledge of the Eternal frees one from the cycle of births and deaths.

Q:—What is the difference between Metempsychosis and reincarnation?
A:—Metempsychosis is transmigration of a human soul into an animal form. Reincarnation is the rebirth of the same ego in successive human bodies.

Q:—Why do we not remember our past lives?
A:—Such remembrance under our existing limitations would considerably complicate our present life. Therefore, the wise and beneficent Lord has so ordered our mental evolution that we cannot recall our past lives until such time as it is good and helpful for us to remember. Such instances may well form a cycle which is all clear to us when we have come to the end of it, when we shall see a whole rosary of lives threaded upon the one personality.

Q:—It has been said against reincarnation that there are more people in comparison with the past world population.
A:—It is not necessary that the same persons are reborn, and none else. In the process of evolution into the human life many from lower births also come up to the human level. All these are controlled by superhuman powers or by the Divinity, God or Isvara Himself. Further rebirth need not necessarily be on this earth plane alone. It can take place anywhere in the Universe.

Q:—What account do you give for the origin of a person’s existence?
A:—Existence is the nature of a person. He is always existing. No proof is needed. His existence is endless and beginningless. Hence no origin can be traced of one’s existence.

Q:—Some men and women find their bodies awkward. Why?
A:—It is the past Karma of an individual that is responsible for the awkwardness or otherwise of one’s appearance.
Q:—With reincarnation is there turn about of sexes?
A:—Sex can change in rebirth, but need not always.

Q:—Do you think that Mahatma Gandhi might escape the necessity of a rebirth?
A:—It is a Divine Secret. The status of great men and great souls depends on the Divine Dispensation.

Q:—How long does it take for souls to be reborn?
A:—This is also decided by the Lord. It is not for man to guess or know such truths. It is beyond his realm.

Q:—Regarding reincarnation, Jesus Christ forgives our sins, so how can you explain that we come back to make amends?
A:—According to Hindu belief all Karmas have to be worked out. Even if sins are forgiven one has to work his way for salvation by practising Yoga and uniting himself with God.

Q:—How could we incarnate if women would not bear children any more?
A:—Such a contingency would never arise. You need not be afraid of that condition.

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