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Few reasons to justify Narendra Modi as a PM

1)      Absolutely honest, even gifts he receives goes to donation for girl child education.

2)       Totally dedicated- bachelor with only one aim in life- development of his state

3)       Strong- has taken bold decision for development- including demolishing roadside temples, shrines

4)      Nationalist- always has attitude of nation first on all the policy he forms.

5)      Far-sighted- puts emphasize on building efficient system.

6)      Result oriented- GDP number speaks for it selt- Gujarat GDP is 12 % since 2002. .

7)       Not a single government scheme was designed for particular cast/religion. No reservation was given based on cast/religion.

8)      Able administrator- knows how to take works out of his teams.

9)       Innovative- many of the state government scheme thought by him received UN and other NGO awards.

10)       MOST IMPORTANT- a natural leader – who can inspire his team and people of the state to achieve higher goals- development

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