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1. Guru: Preceptor; one who initiates into the mysteries of the Self.
2. Parama-Guru: Preceptor’s preceptor; grand-preceptor.
3. Paratpara-Guru: Great-great grand-preceptor (A preceptor is looked upon as being identical with the Absolute Reality).
4. Parameshti-Guru: Great Great grand-preceptor.
5. Kula-Guru: Family teacher or preceptor.
6. Vidya-Guru: A preceptor who teaches scriptures.
7. Jnana-Guru: A preceptor who teaches or transmits highest knowledge.
8. Siksha-Guru: A preceptor who trains and moulds the character of a disciple.
9. Deeksha-Guru: A preceptor who initiates into the order (Brahmacharya, Sannyasa, etc.).
10. Adi-Guru: The original or the first preceptor.
11. Jagad-Guru: World preceptor (one whose teachings can be followed universally).
12. Sat-Guru: Real, not false or pseudo, preceptor; or one knowing the Truth.
13. Maha-Guru: The great preceptor.
14. Advaita-Guru: A preceptor who propagates the doctrine of Non-duality.
15. Ananta-Guru: Infinite preceptor—one who is beyond all limitations, being the very embodiment of Brahman.
16. Gurudev: The Divine preceptor; super-human preceptor.
17. Guru-Maharaj: Sovereign preceptor.
18. Guru-Bhai: Brother-disciple.
19. Guru-Patni: Preceptor’s or mostly teacher’s consort.
20. Guru-Putra: Teacher’s son.
21. Guru-Mata: Preceptor’s mother (sometimes his wife, too)
22. Guru-Seva: Service of the preceptor.
23. Guru-Susrusha: Service of preceptor.
24. Guru-Bhakti: Devotion to preceptor.
25. Guru-Mantra: A mystic hymn or chant relating to the preceptor.
26. Guru-Kripa: Grace of the preceptor.
27. Guru-Vara: The best preceptor; preceptor par-excellence.
28. Upa-Guru: Subsidiary or secondary preceptor.
29. Guru-Prarthana: Prayer addressed to preceptor.
30. Guru-Mantra Japa: The repetition of the mystic formula given by or pertaining to the preceptor.
31. Guru-Pada: Feet of the preceptor.
32. Guru-Prasada: Anything (sweets, etc.) tangible through which the grace of Guru is transmitted to the disciples.
33. Guru-Chintana: Reflection or meditation on Guru.
34. Guru Bhajan: Singing the glories of the preceptor.
35. Guru-Janmotsava: The Birthday-Celebrations (lit. feasting) of the preceptor.
36. Guru Aradhana: Worship of the preceptor.
37. Guru Puja: Worship of the preceptor.
38. Guruseva-durandhara: One devoted to and delighted in the service of his preceptor.
39. Guru-kripapatra: One who deserves the grace of the preceptor.
40. Guru-sishya Samadhana: The sacred relation between the disciple (s) and preceptor.
41. Guru-charana-kamala: The Lotus-Feet of the preceptor.
42. Guru-sevasakta: Inclined to or desirous of the service to preceptor.
43. Guru-padapuja: Worship done to the feet of the preceptor.
44. Guru-ucchishta: The leaving of a preceptor, which are believed to be purifying the mind of the eater.
45. Guru-Paduka: Sandals of the preceptor.
46. Guru-Stuti: An expression of One’s devotion through the praise of one’s preceptor.
47. Guru-Stotra: A poem or a collection of poems extolling the preceptor.
48. Guru-Bhakti-prabhava: The saving influence of devout devotion to preceptor.
49. Guru Mahima: The mysterious power of the preceptor.
50. Guru-Charitram: An account pertaining to a preceptor’s life & personality.
51. Guru-Leela: The inscrutable deeds of the preceptor.
52. Guru-Katha: A biography on preceptor.
53. Guru Maharaj ki Jai: Glory to the preceptor.
54. Guruji: The revered preceptor.
55. Guru-gita: A song (short or long) depicting the nature and deeds of a preceptor.
56. Guru-dwara: A temple of the Sikhs (Lit. The gateway leading to the preceptor or Reality).
57. Guru mukhi Sadhana: Spiritual practices carried on under the guidance of a preceptor.
58. Guru-poornima: The sacred full-moon day dedicated to the worship all the preceptors.
59. Guru-Saranam mama: Taking refuge in or paying homage to the preceptor.
60. Guru-grantha: A book embodying the teachings of a preceptor or preceptors.
61. Guru-Charanamrita: The liquid (considered as divine elixir since it bestows immortality, Amritatvam) with which preceptor’s feet are washed.
62. Guru-moorti: The physical figure of preceptor.
63. Guru-dhyana: Meditation on the Guru.
64. Guru-ajna: The commandments of the preceptor.
65. Guru pada-dhooli: The (holy) dust of the feet of preceptor.
66. Guru padarenu: The sand particle (s) sticking to or under the feet of the preceptor.
67. Guru-charanadasa: A servant of the feet of the preceptor—greatly devoted.
68. Guru-padasevaka: A servant of the feet of the preceptor—greatly devoted.
69. Guru-premi: The beloved of or one who loves the preceptor.
70. Guru-charana raja: Dust or tiny particles under the feet of Guru.
71. Chid-Guru: Guru who is an embodiment of knowledge or consciousness.
72. Chidghana-Guru: Guru who is an embodiment of knowledge or consciousness as it were, a solid mass of knowledge.
73. Chinmaya-Guru: Preceptor who is identical with the Supreme Consciousness.
74. Mauna-Guru: Preceptor who remains speechless—serene and self-composed.
75. Jaya-Guru: Victory to the preceptor.
76. Guru-guna-guna: A number of noble qualities of a preceptor.
77. Guru-parampara: The infinite succession of Gurus.
78. Gurorangri: The feet of the preceptor.
79. Guru ashtottara sata namavali: A list of 108 epithets of the preceptor.
80. Guru-ashtottara sahasra namavali: A list of 1008 epithets of the preceptor.
81. Guru-Raja: The king among preceptors—highly qualified.
82. Guru Pradakshina: Circumambulation of the preceptor.
83. Guru-Bhakti Yoga: The unification or identification of the finite soul with the infinite Spirit achieved through devotion to the preceptor.
84. Guru-Seva Yoga: The unification or identification of the finite soul with the infinite Spirit achieved through service to the preceptor.
85. Guru-nivedhana: Self-surrender to the preceptor.
86. Gurunatha: Lord Guru—Preceptor who is the support or the lord to his followers.
87. Guru-dakshina: Offering of anything (as, fruits, cloths, etc.) to the Guru as a token of one’s gratitude & love.
88. Guru-upasana: Meditation on or the worship of the preceptor.
89. Guru-upasaka: One who meditates on or worship the preceptor.
90. Brahma nishtha-Guru: A preceptor who is established in the Consciousness of the all-pervading Reality.
91. Guru-upadesha: Instructions of a preceptor.
92. Guru-seva-tatpara: Devoted to the service of the preceptor’s feet.
93. Guru-peetham: The raised seat on which the Guru sits.
94. Guru-Bhakti prabhava: The mighty power manifesting itself (in the disciple) as a result of devotion to preceptor.
95. Guru-padambuja: The Lotus-Feet of the preceptor.
96. Guru-seva magna: Immersed in the service of the preceptor.
97. Guru-seva kushala: Efficient in waiting on the preceptor.
98. Guru-seva vrata dhari: One who has endowed or pledged himself to the service of the preceptor.
99. Guru-bhakti-ratna: A pearl (the best) among those devoted to Guru.
100. Guru-devata-archana: Worship of the Divine Preceptor.
101. Guru sesha vastra: The used clothes of the preceptor.
102. Guru-vandana: Saluting or prostrating oneself before the Guru.
103. Guru seva agra ganya: The foremost among the attendants of the Guru.
104. Guru-aajnaanukari: One who carries out the behests of the preceptor.
107. Deva-Guru: The preceptor of the gods—Brihaspati.
108. Asura-Guru: The preceptor of the demons or Rakshasas—Sukraacharya.
109. Brahma-Vidya Guru: Preceptor who imparts the knowledge of the highest Truth.
110. Brahma-Srotriya Guru: A preceptor who is master of the theoretical knowledge of the Reality.
111. Guru-saranagati: Taking shelter under protecting care of the Guru.
112. Gurvakaara-Vritti: A mental modification which has taken the form of the preceptor.
113. Guru-Pada Mudra: The foot-impression of the preceptor.
114. Guru-Namavali: A list containing the epithets of the preceptor.
115. Guru-Kataksha: The side-glance (compassionate look) of the Guru.
116. Gurvanugraha: The blessings or grace of the preceptor.
117. Gurvasirvada: The blessings or grace of the preceptor.
118. Guru-Tattva: The characteristic nature of the Guru; or the Entity or the essential Principle in Guru.
119. Guru-Charanaravinda: The Lotus-Feet of the preceptor.
120. Guru-Padaravinda: The Lotus-Feet of the preceptor.
121. Guru-Mahattva: The mighty power or influence of the preceptor.
122. Guru-seva-dhurandhara: An adept who bears the brunt of the service to the Guru.
123. Guru-Sishya Samvada: The dialogue between the disciple and his Guru.
124. Loka-Prasiddha Guru: The world-renowned preceptor.
125. Jagad Prasiddha Guru: The world-renowned preceptor.
126. Guru-Droha: Disloyalty towards one’s preceptor; deceiving him.
127. Guru-Drohi: One who is disloyal to or cheats one’s own Guru.
128. Guru-Ninda: Criticism or vilification of one’s own Guru.
129. Guru-Sannidhana: Proximity to the preceptor.
130. Guru-Kulam: Preceptor’s abode or residency.
131. Guru-Vakyam: The words or injunctions of the preceptor.
132. Guru-Nivasa: The abode of the Guru.

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